Varitank & Fixtank Category 5 break tank booster sets

Lowara : Booster Pump Sets :

Lowara Varitank (variable speed) and Fixtank (fixed speed) pump booster sets complete with pre-insulated integral break tanks suitable for boosting potable cold water. These sets can be fitted with either Teknospeed or Hydrovar energy saving variable speed drives.

All standard break tank sets include:

  • Category 5 type AB air gap
  • Low water level float switch
  • Fitted with robust and high efficency Lowara e-HM/CEA and e-SV multistage pumps
  • 22mm equilibrium ball valve and float (15mm with 55 and 91 litre tanks)
  • 32mm overflow (22 with 55 and 91 litre tanks). 22mm warning pipe fitted on 1000 litre tanks and above

Special booster sets and larger performance booster sets can be built to suit specific requirements.

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